Laura Bates

from the Everyday Sexism Project speaks about tackling this issue in the Twenty-First Century.

Robinites cycle for Alex

Boys and girls in Robinites are raising money to help support the medical treatment of Alex Smith – an OC with a life-threatening brain tumour.

Volunteering at the Royal Surrey

All Specialists (Sixth Form) at Charterhouse take part in CAS – creativity, action and service activities. The ‘service’ element of this is particularly important as it brings to life our School motto ‘Deo Dante Dedi’ or ‘God having given, I give’. Chris Chan (P, 1ys) volunteers at the Royal Surrey County Hospital Being a student…

Girls’ sport reaches new heights

From the Footballers winning the ISFA 7s Plate Tournament and playing on Big Ground, to an all female Cross-Country Knole Run team, girls’ sport at Charterhouse is stronger than ever.

Artists visit LA

LA is a very strange, and also very interesting place. Before the art trip last Exeat, I had never been to America before, and considering all the major political changes happening in America right now it was a good time to visit. What struck me immediately- as soon as we emerged from LAX airport, was…

Music in Hong Kong

On Thursday October 13th, Sixteen of Charterhouse’s finest musicians departed for a four-day, whirlwind trip to Hong Kong accompanied by Mr Shepherd and Ms Fletcher. Highlights of the trip include: A Carthusian Gala in an esteemed Hong Kong club, boat trips around the harbour, a relaxing morning on the beach, and meals in both mountain-top…