Introducing The Oak

Named after what used to be the main landmark at Charterhouse, The Oak is the new online newspaper for Carthusians.

With articles written by pupils on everything from our own extracurricular news to international current affairs, we hope there will be something interesting for everyone.

We have chosen ‘The Oak’ as our name, as when the School moved to Godalming in 1872, the oak tree in the centre of School was already growing strong. The area around the tree became known simply as ‘Oak’ and an important meeting point for pupils, staff and visitors. Sadly in 2016 the tree had to be cut down as it was diseased and despite many attempts, it could not be saved.

However, we hope that this new website will provide another central hub to our busy, vibrant and exciting School.

If you have something you would like to see on The Oak or if you would like to join our editorial team, please contact us at

Thank you,

The Oak editorial team

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