Meet our new hockey coach

How nervous do you feel before you go onto the pitch?
I think you always feel nervous regardless of who you are playing for, whether it’s England or a club team, but the nerves always start on the morning you wake, so when it starts in the evening it makes it a long day, but when the game starts, they go away.

Worst Injury?
I went in to A&E a few times and had 14 stitches in my left ear and have broken my finger a few times, but I have been fairly lucky, however in 2014 I tore my quad.

Image result
Mr Fox’s favourite photo of himself playing for GB..

What made you want to teach?
I think teaching and coaching are very similar, I’ve always been involved in both, weather I’m a player or not, so it’s a bit of a natural progression, I was a geography teacher, so I thought I might combine with my sport skills, and I have really enjoyed it.

What do you want to achieve at Charterhouse?
Good question. I want to make sure people enjoy hockey and that we are competitive, I want to make sure people carry on once they leave school I think.

How much interaction did you have with athletes from other Countries at the Olympics?
Most of our time is with GB athletes, because we live in the same block of flats, but we also know other hockey players and we spend a lot of time with other athletes in places like the dining room, so you see a lot of them.

London or Rio?

What advice would you give to an aspiring Hockey player?
I think you have to believe in yourself and make sure you carry on when you have setbacks, which might happen when you lose a game or get injured or not getting picked for the team. Most importantly you must remember why you started playing in the first place which was probably because you enjoyed the sport.

What made you want to be a Hockey player?
All my family played, so I grew up in a hockey environment, my sister played as well as my mum and dad and I always enjoyed it.

Best moment?
London Olympics, probably scoring in the first game.

Worst moment?
Being knocked out of the Rio Olympics.

If you could be a type of biscuit which one would you be and why?
I think a rich tea, because they are delicious but they are not particularly showy.

Where do you see yourself in twenty years’ time?
I hope I am still doing what I enjoy, so I am still involved in Hockey, coaching or teaching, who knows where that will be.

Dan Fox takes over as Head of Hockey in January 2016, following the retirement of Ian Hamilton.


David Maitland-Jones


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