Girls’ sport reaches new heights


The Girls’ football team have had their best season ever. Our greatest success so far was winning the plate competition in the Independent Schools Football Association (ISFA) tournament, defeating King Edward’s Witley, our rivals, in penalties.
Straight after half term we had another fixture organised against KES, in which we were determined to achieve another triumph. And this is exactly what we did, with the team playing its best match so far, a particular strength being our defence, Ines, Alex, Carla and Lily, who simply would not let anything pass, as well as some super saves being made by our goalkeeper Virginia.
This victory followed an excellent start to the season which kicked off with a 5-3 win against the notorious Westminster. The team maintained its winning streak, with victories over notable schools such as ACS Cobham and St Catherine’s School in the 7-a-side matches and Sevenoaks in the 11-a-side.

Girls’ ISFA 7s team

Some extraordinary goals have been scored, deriving from Carla’s strong drives up from defence, Maike’s merciless shots upfront and an amazing half way goal from midfield by Dede. Our wingers have contributed largely to our success as well, with some great runs being made by Emma B, Aisha and Thalia, as well as strong tackling from Emma L and Caroline.
The B team also gave St Catherine’s School a promising game, only narrowly losing 2-1. I am so pleased by the extent to which girls football has progressed over the last two months, which has not only come from the commitment and effort of all of the players, but also from our coach Wishy, who has believed in us right from the beginning.

Holly Campbell (B, 2YS) – Captain

Cross Country

For the first time in history, the girls represented the School without the boys’ team at the first of two Knole runs. The four Carthusians to compete embodied what many would consider to be the fundamental goals of girls’ sport at Charterhouse in recent years: team work, competitiveness and dedication.
These ideals have set the tone for the season and girls continue to return to practice week after week at the prospect of running new personal bests. The girls have been able to send a team to every race thus far, a triumph for a sport that is too often underrepresented.
Still to come this term are the Inter-House Relays and of course, next term will see the second of the two Knole runs. The girls’ team will continue to prepare for what is still a long season ahead and look forward to proudly putting their running prowess on display at the culmination of LQ with the infamous Pontifex.

Sophia Lancaster (W, 2YS)


The golf team did really well this term. A good way to start the description of our golf team is to describe the Black Book. It has been a tradition for the captain of golf to fill in a black notebook, with the results and teams that were playing for every match. It shows that we managed to get better towards the end of the season (we won three out of the four last matches).
The biggest achievement for the golf team this term was the ability to play with really good players from different schools, even the national champion. We have also been taking different players every match in order for everyone to have a go. This is good as there is quite a large number of good golfers in the School, many of whom are impressively good for their age.

Girls golf.jpg

We look forward to next term so that we can encourage even more people to take part in the competitions instead of just playing recreationally.

Natalia Radomska (W, 1YS)



After a slow start to the beginning of the season with an unfortunate loss to Lord Wandsworth, the team has unified resulting in some brilliant hockey across the pitch. This has included two convincing victories over Reed’s (6-2 and 2-1) where central midfield was dominated by both Becca and Abi providing the dependable backbone for Christina, Mayte and Lara to make some incredible runs down the wings from their wide positions. The strength of midfield has meant that our forwards, Kat, Lottie, Hannah and Mimi have had remarkable success with Kat scoring a hat-trick in an impressive 3-1 win against KES Witley.
In order for this to be possible, our committed defence has been crucial to maintaining our record this season, with Michelle, Steph, Shania and Charlotte being dominant over most of the opposition they have faced. Our best team result yet was a 1-1 draw with Lancing that saw the whole team come together, performing incredibly well against tough opposition, with huge credit to our goalie, Fleur, relentlessly supporting us from the back on that occasion as well as throughout the season.
We owe great thanks to our coaches, Mr Fox, Miss Batty, Mr Plater and Hammy who have kept us motivated throughout the season. This and the dedication from every member of the squad has meant that girls hockey has had an incredibly successful season thus far, and the team should be very proud of what they’ve achieved.

Monica Evans (G, 2YS)



Since losing our first match, we have brushed up on our stick skills (see video!) and learnt how to play well as a team.
We have since won all but one of our matches, with notable victories being 14-2 win against Wellington College and 13-4 win against Bradfield. However, we are perhaps most proud for our win over the St Cat’s thirds. They are the toughest team we face, so really had to put into practice the new things we had learnt, especially in defence – but we managed to put in one of our best performances to win 7-5.
We are now training hard with a  view to Nationals in March, where we will hope to improve on last year’s position.

Isla Scott (L, 2YS)

The girls practice their skills..!:

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