Wonka World at Charterhouse

This Sunday saw the arrival of the long-anticipated International Chocolate Fair. Concert hall was packed full of chocolate from across the globe, including stalls from Ghana, Russia, Spain, the UK, Nigeria, Madagascar, Switzerland and Italy. The purpose, according to weekend activities co-ordinator Mr. Martucci, was to allow students to “have fun…and sample chocolate from all around the world.” What better way to celebrate the arrival of the festive season?

Students also had the opportunity to take part in various chocolate themed activities such as “Guess the cocoa percentage” and “Guess the flavor”, not to mention the large chocolate fountain! The majority of the chocolate was provided by students themselves, ordered online or from a number of stores either abroad or in the country. Being a student-run event, according to Mr. Martucci, the largest challenge in organising the chocofest was ensuring all the chocolate arrived on time, a large feat considering the abundance of coco at the event!

Despite the popularity of the event, there was still a considerable amount of chocolate left over, some of which was given to students who ran stalls as a thank you gift of sorts, and some of which went to Brooke Hall. In the spirit of giving, however, Mr. Martucci took about 40% of the leftovers down to the local food bank to give to the homeless and others in need.

Now, this feels like christmas!