James Corden

From Buckinghamshire, England, James Corden today is a name synonymous with showbiz and more so, chat shows. But how did he get there?

Getting in to acting from an early age Corden’s first theatrical venture was with Martin Guerre when he was eighteen. From this he went on to earn short appearances in soap operas like Hollyoaks and in comedies like Little Britain. Despite not rising to prominence with these roles, Corden got lucky when he was cast in BBC sitcom Gavin and Stacey in 2007 which endorsed his newfound celebrity status.

James Corden as 'Smithy' in Gavin and Stacey
James Corden as ‘Smithy’ in Gavin and Stacey


Awards came streaming in including honours from the British Comedy Awards and Corden pursued more greatness and experimented successfully in choosing to host A League of Their Own from 2010. The panel show was a huge hit for Sky 1 which it is broadcast on and today has boasted celebrity guests including Rory McIlroy and Anthony Joshua. In periods when Corden wasn’t filming for television, he had decided to revive his passion for acting which was seen many years before in the classic film, The History Boys. This branch out gained him roles in The Three Musketeers and Out of the Woods which both made money at the Box Office.

James Corden hadn’t hit the jackpot just yet though. But, when CBS announced in 2014 that Craig Ferguson would be leaving his position of host at the Late Late Show, Corden was drafted in to be his replacement….

Although he was unheard of in America, Corden’s imposed his new style onto the show introducing segments like Carpool Karaoke and Drop the Mic which propelled to show to becoming a viral sensation. Not only did the ratings for the show sky rocket with Corden as host, online viewing figures swelled with the two year period from 2015-2017, the show gained seven million subscribers on Youtube.

Michelle Obama during an appearance on CBS's 'The Late Late Show with James Corden.'
With Michelle Obama in ‘Carpool Karaoke’

From a small town boy to Hollywood mogul, Corden today is being considered as an antidote to The Late Show’s poor ratings with short term host Stephen Colbert, and as you guess there’s more of James Corden to come.

Theo Ashdown (F, 1YS)