Mental Health Awareness

  In the light of Mental Health Awareness Week, we thought it would be important to address a hugely relevant issue, which despite our apparent awareness, is still a taboo subject in everyday society. It is alarming to learn that over 70% of children and adolescents who experience mental health problems have not had appropriate…

Dr Yangwen Zheng’s lecture on Anglo-Chinese relations

On 23rd of February, Charterhouse History students were lucky enough to listen to a lecture about the history of the unstable relations between China and Britain from a professional economic historian and a university professor Dr Yangwen Zheng. The students were not the only lucky people, but the professor’s whole trip that day extravagantly relied…

College in the USA

The option of university in the United States is becoming an increasingly popular option for students in the UK. In Charterhouse, the number in the Lower Sixth interested has grown year on year. This raises questions as to why the US is more attractive now than ever before. Why the US? Some students asked, stated…

New(s) Beginnings of 2017

Protests in London, New York, Washington and many other parts of the world against Trump’s travel ban. Trump attacked federal judge Robart, who opposed his prohibition by saying that the courts should be blamed “if something happens” and in response to this, instructed border officials to check people “very carefully”   An avalanche at one…

Buttery Recipes

Perhaps after a particularly hard sport session you find yourself just unable to wait until Homebill and want to treat yourself .

Win a week at a villa in Bali!

..A weekend at a luxurious pad in Cape Town, a golf weekend for 8 in Cornwall, a signed England cricket bat and much more..

Mental Health Week at Charterhouse

This week is a chance for us to think about our own Mental Health – which is relevant and important to each and every one of us. There is a lot to get involved with this week, and people to turn to if you ever need help. Check out all that is going on here!:      

What Boarding Is Really Like

Boarding, scary as it may seem has its benefits – and lots of them. It brings a whole different aspect of education with it; independence, manners and determination. I spoke to some Fourths in Gownboys about what they like about boarding; one said ‘It is a good way to socialize with friends and play games.’…

House Art hat-trick!

The House Art Competition was once again hotly contested as all thirteen Houses transformed into galleries with paintings and installations on display.

A day in the life..

..Of a Yearling As a Yearling, beginning at Charterhouse for the first time was tough and I found my experience daunting and frightening as I wasn’t used to having a full clean sheet: new classmates, new teachers, new school and new experiences. However, thanks to the supportive staff and friends, settling in and integrating much easier…