Stress Busting Tips!

Stress Busting tips!

As it is mental health week it is fitting to explore the many techniques that can be used to alleviate stress caused by work, exams and general school. It is extremely important to maintain a healthy and stable mind-set during these years at Charterhouse as understandably, it can be difficult coping with so much on your plate. However, here are a simple set of tips that I have received from a variety of members from the Charterhouse community that will help you destress.

Jan Symes top 3 tips:

  • “Be kind to yourself (treat yourself as you would your best friend); it really won’t help if you beat yourself up

  • Do some exercise to get out of breath (I like hula hooping!)

  • Drink water.”


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  • Get plenty of sleep

  • Take a break from work

  • Time for yourself

  • Be realistic and don’t overdo it

  • Eat a balanced diet

  • Exercise is key

  • Be positive

  • Chill out; breathe deeply and always have a positive mindset

By Izzy Huber (V)