New(s) Beginnings of 2017

Protests in London, New York, Washington and many other parts of the world against Trump’s travel ban. Trump attacked federal judge Robart, who opposed his prohibition by saying that the courts should be blamed “if something happens” and in response to this, instructed border officials to check people “very carefully”


An avalanche at one of the best French ski resorts in Tignes, has led to at least four deaths and three missing.


The FTSE 250 stock market index hit a record high as the pound continued to to $1.25 against the dollar, leading to an upgrade in UK growth forecasts for 2017, softening the Brexit hit that was expected.


Name-blind recruitment issue in the UK: a job seeker is offered three times the number of interviews than an applicant with a muslim-sounding name.


An international study was completed which concluded that Britain is the nation with the highest rate of family instability, with children experiencing family breakdowns by the age of 12.


The state of California took its fight against ransomware (a type of malicious software designed to block a computer system until a sum of money has been paid) a step further after a new legislation was passed, one that specifically categorises ransomware as a criminal offence.


Adele won a total of five awards at the 59th annual Grammy Awards with her album “25”. Beyoncé and Adele both competed closely in all the major categories with Adele being the only artist to win album, record and song of the year twice in a row.


When asked to comment on Britain’s departure from the EU, Nigel Farage claimed that Trump’s election was “great news” and an “absolute gift” for Britain. This friendship is argued by many to be fuelled by a deep support for deregulation and opposition to “everything the EU single market stands for”.


A haul of 1.4 tonnes of cocaine was discovered to be smuggled on a yacht in Australia, valued at about £192m and £250m net once sold. It is said to be the “largest cocaine haul ever seized in Australia’s history”.