Mike Sani speaks at Charterhouse


Charterhouse pupils were privileged to hear from Mike Sani, founder of Bite The Ballot, on Wednesday 1st March.
Bite The Ballot is a social enterprise which campaigns for greater democratic engagement amongst young people, and which has successfully led major ‘voter registrations drives’ and achieved changes to UK law. As its founder, Mike has been praised by Barack Obama and many others for his remarkable and innovative work engaging young people in the decisions which guide their future.


Benedict Birch (B) was one of the many pupils who attended Mike’s lecture, and reports:

 “Mike Sani came to Charterhouse with high spirit and energy, and gave us a wake-up call on what young people all over the world are missing out on: democratic participation. Mike’s selflessness was made apparent from the off-set when he told us about what his job involves. He labors to encourage a demographic, of which he isn’t a part, to get what they deserve – a vote. A figure resonated in many of our minds leaving that lecture that was constantly expressed in horror: only half of 18-24 year olds are registered to vote, and just on in four turn out on voting days. However, Mike’s message went beyond our interest, and to our future children’s: with Mike’s various programs encouraging children to gain a political understanding of the world which we live in today, whether it be from teaching strategies targeted at four year olds or political games, his message is one that only inspires progress towards a more representative society.”



More information about Mike and Bite The Ballot can be found at http://bitetheballot.co.uk/. Charterhouse is very pleased to be making a donation to this remarkable charity in thanks for Mike’s excellent lecture.


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