£30,000 raised for Mellon Educate charity

Last Saturday saw the arrival of the much-anticipated Parent’s Charity Dinner. The event, organised by a team of three second-year specialists, Giovanni, Aish and Nick, managed to raise a “record-breaking £30,000 in revenue, thanks to the generosity of the 95 parents who attended”.

According to Giovanni, head of the charities committee, “the money is in support of Mellon Educate, a charity focusing on the development of educational infrastructure across Africa and the fundraised money is going towards building a new library later this year.” The event proved to be a huge success, with highlights including “Niall Mellon’s deeply moving speech and the exciting live auction MCed by the excellent Chris Sheasby”. In fact, Giovanni tells us the best moment of all was “seeing Nelson Mandela’s hand-signed book, ‘The Illustrated Walk to Freedom’ sell for £4.5k.”

Giovanni and Nick
Giovanni and Nick speaking at the dinner

The planning and effort that went into organising such a large scale event were by no means a small feat. Giovanni tells us how, “key changes [for next time] would be expanding the planning team.” As you can imagine, the organisation of such a complex night requires the collaboration and communication of a number of individuals, much of which was difficult to manage between the three specialists in charge. He tells The Oak, “a bigger team would have allowed us to spread the workload and ultimately pursue a higher fundraising target.”

Looking on the next week, the Leavers’ Ball Charity Dinner is fast approaching this Saturday. Similar to the event last week, all funds raised will go towards supporting the school charity, however Giovanni assures us that, “the dinner next week is going to be very different- it has a much more contemporary flare!”. Leavers can look forward to a disco with live performances on the night, outstanding raffle prizes, our very own photo-booth and of course, excellent food!

Ayla Ahmed (1YS, F)