Worth dying for?

We were extremely pleased to have invited Tim Marshall to speak in the Beveridge Society last week. Marshall is an influential journalist, author and political commentator. During his twenty-four-year tenure in Sky News, he has covered the events of twelve wars, such as those in Kosovo, Afghanistan, Gaza and countries involved in the Arab uprising. In addition to writing two bestsellers, ‘Prisoners of Geography’ and ‘Worth Dying For – The Power and Politics of Flags’, he has founded the world news platform thewhatandthewhy.com.

Tim Marshall Sky news
Tim Marshall on Sky News

Much of the invaluable insights Marshall offered to the audience came from his first-hand experience reporting from thirty different countries. The lecture of the evening – ‘The Power and Politics of Flags’ – sought to explain the conception of numerous flags under their respective historical, geographical and political contexts. Such examples included the USA’s emphasis of the Star-Spangled Banner as a symbolic propaganda tool for national unity and patriotism, and how elements of the Daesh/ISIS flag allude to a socio-political transformation back into the 6th Century.

Tim Marshall Globe

As global politics become increasingly tumultuous, it is imperative that academics equip themselves with the necessary skills to tackle escalating issues. I believe that lectures from such noteworthy individuals will provide all Carthusians with the intellectual tools to make sense of this uncertainty.

Timothy Lam (H)