Reflections on Being a New Sixth Form Girl

The first few weeks in Charterhouse are a very busy time for all Specialists, especially for the new girls. The days are mostly based around inductions and lectures to help us get used to the new environment that we will be living in for the next two years. Whether you’re doing Pre-U or IB, these first few weeks will be tiring and the daily schedule will be full throughout the entire day!

The first day went like this: after meeting our future housemates, we all had to attend a formal tea in the Cloister, which gave us the possibility to talk with new people from all around the world. Although it was very hot and humid inside, we met all of our future classmates and it was a fun evening overall.

The first Saturday of term was the class dinner, a time where all First-Year specs sit down in assigned seats wearing their uniforms and eat a specially prepared meal.

The tables were arranged so that boys had to talk to girls and every course the students moved so that they would meet new people. The meal and the atmosphere was good but  the conversations were a little awkward at times!

The following week we had sports rotations, where we tried new sports and revisited old ones. Girls had to choose a major as well a minor sport. By the time we had settled in, it was time for the leave weekend.

Four 1YS girls below speak about their experiences: