Economics Trip to Brussels

Charterhouse specialists studying economics visited Brussels during half term. The programme included briefings from senior figures of politics, diplomacy and industry as well as visits to the European Parliament, the European Commission, the Council of the European Union, Brussels University, the EU School of Brussels, the Leonidas chocolate factory and NATO Headquarters. This was an extremely interesting time to be in Brussels and pupils were able to witness the preparations for the Summit meeting held in Brussels and attended by Prime Minister Theresa May. BREXIT was a common theme running throughout the visit and pupils enjoyed lively discussions with the various experts. Highlights of the visits included a role play exercise in the European Parliament and beating the European School in a debate with the motion “this house believes that the European Union has been beneficial for its member states”, although Charterhouse then lost on penalties in a football match to leave overall honours even. The visit to the Leonidas chocolate factory, including tastings and a master class was much enjoyed by all.

All participants were very grateful to teacher Mr John Troy for putting together such an interesting and enjoyable trip. 

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