Remembrance Day at Charterhouse

We sat through the chapel last Sunday, we sang the songs, we stayed silent. What were we thinking throughout it though? Surely a few of us were thinking of what we would do in the afternoon, whether we would go into Godalming or go home for another half day relaxing at home. By the end, surely, you wanted to stretch out the aches caused by sitting on the flat wooden seating for forty-five minutes. But really, we probably should have, for once turned our minds to something of a greater importance than how quickly we could get back to house, get changed, and resume the weekend. The eleventh is a day commemorating the sacrifice of all the people who died in(or whose lives were affected by) combat. They gave up something for us, so surely, we should give something back.

The Poppy Appeal supports servicemen and combat veterans who need assistance with funding for living, or who need to pay for certain medical treatments (often prosthetic limbs) and other aspects to allow them to return to a life without any disability or disadvantage. The millions of pounds raised go to help out other people, and whilst we may only pay a pound, a combined effort of a nation can help support people in need.

remembrance day picture- poppy appeal

The Distribution of Funds by the Royal British Legion.

 Our school chapel (built in 1927), which we know as the largest war memorial in the UK, commemorates the service of the one thousand plus Carthusians killed in combat, and all the other servicemen around the UK. So, we may sit there, believing it is any other dull day, but really, the day has more importance than we may realize, and where we sit is more important than we think.