‘All’s Well That Ends as You Like It’ and ‘Henry Xth Part Vii’ Preview

The B.T.T. will be presenting ‘All’s Well That Ends as You Like It’ and ‘Henry Xth Part Vii’ from Wednesday the 22nd through Friday 24th. The play will be presented by none other than the Charterhouse Amateur Dramatic Society and promises to deliver.

Speaking to one of the participants – Mr Ifeanyi Isichei – my interest swelled as Mr Isichei was full of enthusiasm and high hopes for the play. He had an extensive smile on his face; describing the play as a ‘blockbuster’ and a show that ‘should not be missed’.

The play will last about an hour and if you’re sitting in house, wondering what you could do   to brighten up your day, make sure you go to the B.T.T. and have a laugh.

Many were disappointed by the absence of the popular ‘Brooke Hall Sketches’ at Lack of Talent this year, but I assure you, this play will most certainly make up for it!1


Think of all those jokes in Shakespeare which aren’t funny, think of all those characters who seem to be named after English shire counties, think of lighting and sound cues happening at the wrong time, think of make-shift props and costume, think of The Play that Goes wrong, then think about coming to the B.T.T. to see………….


Henry Xth part vii & All’s Well That Ends As You Like It

 The entire evening will last less than an hour and will be suitably chaotic, funny and entertaining! Both are spoof Shakespeare plays performed in the finest traditions of amateur dramatic societies with questionable ‘talent’

 Mr Freeman


If you haven’t already got a ticket, be sure to email jdf@charterhouse.org.uk for one!