A Performer’s perspective of a School play

12 weeks ago, I set of for auditions of William Shakespeare’s Coriolanus, not knowing that Coriolanus would be abandoned, and instead I would star in All’s Well that ends as you like it,’ as Mud. The rehearsals of the new play, had to be crammed in. However, surprisingly, it all worked out okay. No more rehearsals than planned were needed. No Sundays were devoted to long and tedious preparation, other than the Technical Rehearsal, the necessary evil. Eventually, on the performance nights of the play, we came together with the cast of Henry Xth, Part Xii, which worked out fine, and everyone get on with everyone. Thankfully the audience liked it and found it funny, whether if that was for the right reasons is an entirely different question, but they still found it entertaining.

play 2

Overall, All’s Well that ends as you like it, whilst it was tiring and relentless, was still a satisfying and enjoyable play to be apart of. I would also recommend doing a play to anyone in the school who likes a challenge.


By David Maitland-Jones