What to do at School on a Sunday

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Sunday. The word alone sends shivers down your spine. However, there are ways of combating these.

1.Try catching up with work:

Did he just say that? Yes, believe it or not, this is a great way to fill in time, yet also be productive. One of the worst feelings for a Carthusian is knowing the vast amount of banco due in the next day and leaving it all till the last minute. Well, here’s your solution, do the work on Sunday, and have a more relaxed week

  1. Go into Godalming

Of course, Godalming is not the most exciting of places, but visiting it is much better than the alternative: lying in bed on your phone, whilst eating. Instead, take a leisurely stroll down to Godalming, preferably with your friends, have a chat, and go outside

  1. Hang out with friends from other houses

Whilst it is great having your own housemates, of course, you do get fed up with them now and again, leading to silly arguments about really nothing. So instead, on a Sunday, go and visit your mate in Weekites, for example, potentially even combine this with tip number two, and go down to Godalming.


Overall, of course Sunday will never be the greatest day of the week, to put it mildly. However, there are ways to make sure it is not the worst, follow the steps above and you are sure to have a more productive, entertaining Sunday.