International Women’s Day at Charterhouse

Proudly co-educational since 1971, and shortly to welcome female pupils in all year-groups, Charterhouse marked International Women’s Day on Thursday 8th March.

The School Library, situated at the heart of our campus, hosted a display to celebrate this important day in the global calendar, and invited pupils and staff to contribute the names of the women who most inspired them. Answers included the prison reformer Elizabeth Fry (1780-1845), Nobel Prize-winning activist Malala Yousafzai (b. 1997) – whose book is on the new Charterhouse Half-Century reading list – and members of our own families. A film, Hidden Figures, was shown for members of the sixth-form, telling the story of women at NASA who, defying gender and racial stereotypes, helped to put the first American man in space. Pupils were invited to contribute essay responses to the question ““What do you think history will say about the role 2017 played in the development of gender equality?” – for a book prize of course! Pupils in the Remove continued their examination of equality in their Citizenship classes, ahead of the Remove Citizenship Essay Prize which is launched at the end of this term.

International Women’s Day coincided with our latest Mufti Day, this term in support of SAFE Kenya which – amongst other amazing work – runs remarkable projects protecting women from AIDS and the appalling practice of genital mutilation. A number of pupils and staff chose to wear purple clothes and ribbons as a sign of solidarity with the international women’s movement.

Limaro Nyam, a School Monitor closely involved with organising the school’s celebrations, said, “I think International Women’s Day is extremely important, as we actively celebrate all women and their fantastic contributions to society. It shows us that a lot has been done and while there is still so much to be done, we can achieve whatever we put our minds to.”


Annabel Hawkins, Assistant Head: Pastoral at Charterhouse, added, “As we approach 2021, the milestone moment in this school’s history when we will welcome girls into all year-groups, International Women’s Day provided our community with an important opportunity to celebrate the women who we admire and value, and to look forward to a fully co-educational Charterhouse just around the corner.”

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