Girls’ Football at Charterhouse

The 2018 girls’ football season was one of many challenges which the team faced hands on and with a strong sense of spirit and co-operation. Overall, the team won an impressive 11 out of 17 matches. Although the results were not always consistent, the effort and work ethic of each of the girls was inspiring.

The second year girls played a crucial role in welcoming and integrating the first years into both the 7 and 11 a side teams. Although the second year girls had an extra year of experience, by the end of the season, many of the younger girls became indispensable members of the team. On top of this, with Wishy as the coach, the team members were provided with an incredible support system as well as very knowledgeable mentor.

The season was celebrated with a culminating team dinner which took place in the Charterhouse pavilion. The lively and nostalgic atmosphere reminded Wishy as well as Mr. Brown that this tight knit group of girls have formed a bond that will last through the years.

Overall, throughout the season, each of the girls greatly developed not only their football skills, but their abilities to collaborate, lead and communicate in an effective way amongst a team. The experience was incredibly positive and reflects the overall positive atmosphere of sport at Charterhouse. Although the final match was only last week, all of the girls are already looking forward to next season!