Social Media Taking Over

A social Media platform is a web based site that enables users to create and share content that can be seen by people in a group chat, people in your local area and people all around the world. It is a way of communicating with someone when you can’t physically talk to them. To date there are 7.6 billion people in the world and the internet has 4.2 billion users

There are many different types of social media platforms and what they do. Instagram is where a user can post a photo of anything, their family, a place and even a slightly x-rated photo and that photo can be seen be their followers and by people all around the world.

Whatsapp is a messaging based platform where you can make group chats and you can all talk on the same chat. You can send videos to each other, photos and you can also can people with wifi on whatsapp, free of cost or being charged for roaming fees.

Twitter is when you can make a statement or say something and that can be seen by followers and if you’re public, by people around the world. You can also post a photo with the tweet. Twitter is probably the most evolved social media platform. For example, countries and leaders such as Trump are addressing other countries via the social media platform twitter. Starting arguments and quite possibly war by a social media site!

Overall social media is a good thing, though there are cons. It is important to keep your profile private and think before posting.