Initiative against Capital Punishment

Many may be surprised to learn that Amnesty International, a Nobel Peace Prize winning organisation founded in 1961 of over seven million members worldwide (certainly the world’s largest human-rights focused organisation) would be so closely connected to our school.

Indeed, with its archaic stone buildings and relatively secluded setting, one may at first believe Charterhouse to be at once both quite removed from the outside world and rather old-fashioned.

Yet, Charterhouse’s Amnesty International Society is in fact one of our oldest remaining societies – and, according to proud members, one of our most prestigious.

Led by Mark Shepherd (Director of Music) and Gabriel Brown (Y12, Gownboys), the society had, last year, managed to obtain hundreds of signatures in protest of the death sentence of Sudanese Noura Hussein, the then-nineteen year old teenager who killed her husband in self defence after being subject to continuous rape. Noura Hussein’s death sentence has since been repealed, reduced to five years imprisonment.

This year, Charterhouse Amnesty International is planning on developing a documentary advocating the global abolishing of capital punishment. The killing of people such as Noura Hussein should not be tolerated; and while this documentary may just be a very small step to the abolishment of such a policy, it is a step nonetheless. From last year’s petition, in which hundreds of Carthusians took part, we witnessed the strength of public awareness – it was a petition that saved a life.

Article written by Jenny Yuening Li