The Mid-terms

After an intense voting night, Trump’s Republican Party gained control of the Senate. The Democrats won and gained control over the House of Representatives. The Democrats gained more than the 23 seats that they needed. The Republicans have kept control of the Senate and gained a few states. The Democrats only gained one senate seat in the state of Nevada. The mid-term election had the highest turn out since 1970. The race for the house started off with the Republicans in the lead. However, in the end the Democrats won by a fair amount at 26 votes above the Republicans

What does this mean for Trump?

So far in Trumps presidency, his word has been respected by the House as well as his deeds and political work has been relatively unobstructed. However, in 2 months when the Democratic House arrives in Washington this could all change. Impeachment has been mentioned over the past 2 years, and the first step of this is the majority in the House, which the Democrats now have. This means that they can start impeachment proceedings against Trump. The Democrats can also now start investigations and may even demand Trump’s tax returns.

We will not see any changes until the Democrats come in after 2 months. We can expect them to thwart any policies that they see as disagreeable or unfair. Watch this space!

Nick Shutt (D) and Charles Church (D)