Sustainability Committee Chair Interview

An interview of Margherita O’Conner ( W) by Luka Kovacevic ( L)

1. What is the role of the Sustainability Committee in Charterhouse?

Sustainability isn’t one of the priorities at this school. We believe that due to all the changes such as school going co-educational and the building of new houses, I think it is the perfect time to introduce environmental awareness.

2. What are some of the programs the Committee is enforcing in order to raise awareness about the importance of sustainability?

We did meat-free Monday to inform people on the effect of the meat industry and the water wastage. Then, we are making Ecosia as the default search engine on school computers. For every ad you click, it funds the planting of trees.

3. Are there any future events that the Committee is planning?

Single-use plastic free by 2020 and the placing of more recycling bins.

4. Who is part of the committee and what beaks help run it?

Mr Reynolds helps run it. He’s [great]. He gets everything done, sends e-mails, organizes
dinners and gets us in contact with the Higher Education. Freddy [Fouslton] and I are co-chairs of the Committee.

5. When you leave Charterhouse following exams, do you want the Committee to continue being a Charterhouse society and how will you ensure this?

We have already spoken about this. Freddy and I will appoint successors and this is only the start of the Committee. We have planted the seed and now we are going to grow.

6. Crazy ideas people have contributed to committee?

I guess at the start everyone had very high ambitions, but there is a budget [which] limit[s] us quite significantly.

7. What are some of the challenges the Committee is facing?

Aside from the budget, we are trying to make the Committee separate from the monitors. As this year concludes, the committee will expand and we do not want it to be limited by the monitors.