Carthusian Day

Carthusian day is an annual event which takes place in the month of May, in which old Carthusians, staff, students, and parents alike are invited to participate in events ranging from viewing the publicised CCF training on the Big Ground, to the colourful, multi-cultural food courts for all to try out.

There are also exciting sporting matches held in cricket, tennis, and even family golf! However, the arguable highlight of the evening is undoubtedly the annual, well-attended parents vs. teachers cricket match.

However, Charterhouse’s art faculty is not to be outdone by its sports faculty. Exhibitions with works from the Design and Technology, as well as the Art, classes were be hung up to be admired, with orchestras and choirs playing on the main stage.

The sustainability committee also outdid itself this year, bringing to Charterhouse one of the fifteen revolutionary Toyota Mirai car models the UK has today. Running purely on hydrogen, and emitting water pure enough to drink, many see this as a new stepping stone towards a greener future.

Again, this year’s Carthusian day will undoubtedly have become a fond memory in the minds of many.

By Charles Church (edited by Jenny Li)